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Run by Dani (admin #1) and Louise ((aka Espi) assistant/admin #2) This blog is dedicated to the awesome band LM.C! I plan to post photos, songs, videos and reviews as well as the latest news on band tours and releases. Schedule: MV Mondays (I post the MV's that relate to the lyrics I posted on saturday and sunday) Nothing on Tuesdays Whatever You Want Wednesdays (make a request and I shall do my best!) Nothing on Thursdays Fan Art Fridays Sing Along Saturdays (Japanese Lyrics) Sing Along Sundays (English Lyric Translations) Feel free to make requests any time~ The majority of the Lyric translations I use are from JpopAsia.com, however if I use some from another site I'll mention them either at the end of the song or in the tags.
Anonymous asked : Excuse me~ but what happened to your fanart contest? Who won? :)

Sorry you missed the post, it was Marie (http://madlollipopkingdom.tumblr.com/) with her adorable drawing: http://madlollipopkingdom.tumblr.com/post/94414071741

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maya of LM.C’s photoshoot for「ROCK AND READ 051」magazine.

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I don’t know but this raw “lalala” version of GHOST†HEART is very good too XD

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『Motto2〜vol.4〜』ft. Aiji

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Ugh, I’ve been inactive for so long! I completely forgot to thank all the other entrants to the summer art competition, and I’m so far behind on everything LM.C, I feel terrible DX

I’ve been really ill for the last few months, as have many other members of my family, I have large lumps on one side of my neck and it’s been affecting my hearing and balance and basically making my life a living nightmare, but I had a scan this afternoon and it’s been confirmed that they’re not cancerous, hopefully they’ll just go away on their own sometime… but in the meantime I’m gonna try and be more active spreading the LM.C magic~

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m3ntalh3lp :

▹ ★ kera # september 2014 ₢ Hudie ◃

m3ntalh3lp :

▹ ★ kera # september 2014 ₢ Hudie

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j-rockmagazinesbrasil :

Motto² ~ Vol.04 Covers

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